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What Are Twin Flames

You’ve probably seen this term on the internet, however a lot of people do not understand it.

Twin Flames are said to be the same soul, split into to two, incarnated here, seeking their counterpart – when the time is right. Generally they do not know about this, and even though finding a great love has been a very important thing to them, when they find each other, the immensity of the connection takes them completely by surprise.

Somewhere on the journey of life, each partner reaches a point of readiness to begin this shared journey and they come to the door that has separated them in the past. This is when their paths will cross. Before their paths cross physically, there will be energy connections made between them. These energetic links help each to feel that meeting the other is significant. They both usually know from day one that something special just happened.

Twin Flame connections are far stronger than people experience in other relationships and the intensity of the feelings can shock both partners. It can scare them, because they feel far more than they have ever felt before. The compatibility level is incredibly high, as they are the same soul. The two partners together make up the whole, each having attributes the other lacks. One is social, the other not so much. One wants to talk everything through, the other wants to feel their way through it on their own. One is more at home in the physical or logical realms, the other in the emotional or spiritual.

There is a purity of feeling to this love, it feels Divine in origin, because it is. If feeling were a colour, this love would be pure white. These connections can be quite overwhelming. An indicator of these special connections is the feeling that each Twin
Flame gets after they have finished interacting with the other, they feel the energy connection growing, and their love seems to increase. Sometimes one Twin will wonder if the other has put some sort of spell on them as they just can’t forget each other or move on from this connection.

Twin Flames feel each other’s feelings, they share the same thoughts, even if they don’t realise it. The energy connection between them keeps them together in spirit, even though they may be distanced physically.

Twin Flames intrinsically understand each other more and more as time goes on. They are here to learn about and experience unconditional love, which they do through the connection they share with each other.

In these relationships, each partner brings out both the best and the worst in the other. They trigger each other in every way, love, fears, insecurities. The energy is enormous and the interactions create a dynamic of extreme feelings of every sort. In this way, the partners see ALL of themselves and each other. While this sounds like a good thing (and it is), the reality is that in the midst of it all, it is very unsettling and confusing, as if a pot full of all their issues has been stirred up and mixed into unrecognisable forms.

After a while, all this begins to take two different forms. For one partner, they see all the beauty and potential of such a Spiritual or Divine Union and they are prepared to go through whatever it takes to achieve togetherness. The other partner becomes very scared, having been pushed right out of their comfort zone and they will do anything they can to stand back from this enormous thing that makes them feel they have no control.

From there, generally, one chases while the other runs.

Sounds Divine.... Isn't It?

Yes, it most definitely is Divine. That doesn’t mean it is easy. Twin Flame connections bring up all the insecurities and blockages in both partners which have stood in the way of loving themselves for lifetimes. If overcoming those blockages was easy, it would have been done already.

Ideally, the goal is, that both Twin Flames fully accept the other because they understand them. That understanding and acceptance flows into the other partner, helping them come to self awareness and self acceptance. Each sees themselves through the eyes of their Twin. Like looking back at themselves from within a mirror, each partner eventually views their own being through the eyes of someone who loves them unconditionally. They then come to fully accept their own energies, which enables them both to be in that state of unconditional love for themselves, as well as each other.

Being fully accepted by another person is a huge gift, one that can help us take a giant step forward on the path to self acceptance and self love.

In other relationships, each partner generally puts their best foot forward. Most people can keep their fears and insecurities hidden within, perhaps for a long time. Twin Flame partners trigger these fears and insecurities in each other quite early on. 

Each partner experiences a massive connection and feelings of love very early in the relationship, whether they are physically together or there is geographical distance between them. At the same time, their fears are triggered, as well as the sense of losing control, because the feelings are so strong. Realisation of how big a love this is often then brings up feelings of being unworthy of such a great love and amazing partner.

The love and connection shared by Twin Flame partners is unbreakable. Even if both gave up on ever being together, the love and connection will never stop. Once the door opens, it does not close.

Twin Flames are here to light the way for others to follow. To be an example of what can be achieved.  To illuminate the path of unconditional love for us all, in what has become a time of monumental change on the planet.

Twin Flame connections first and foremost are about healing of both partners. They are about each growing into the best version of themselves they can be, in readiness for sharing a most beautiful and pure Divine Union.

Confronting Our True Selves

The key to making these relationships come together and work is facing ourselves, warts and all, and giving our partner the time and space to do the same.

Contained within these partnerships, is the potential for enormous personal growth. Often we do not recognise it as growth from what we have learned from books and study, but inside of us, we know it to be right. It may be different to everything we have learned or observed about partnerships. Through these connections we learn about;

  • Allowing another being the right to take their time and go through their own issues as they come up, rather than telling them what they should do and how to do it. Honouring both their ability and their willingness to follow the path of growth that naturally unfolds before them, regardless of how long it takes – and still loving them.
  • Seeing your partner as a whole and balanced person, just as able to make decisions about their own life as you are. Understanding that any distance is not necessarily about you, but that your partner is going through their own issues.  This growth often unfolds slowly, due to the enormity of the issues involved. Things like not feeling worthy of something or someone are Core Issues, which take time to release.
  • Realising that all things happen in their own time and in these relationships Divine Timing is very much in play. Understanding also that simply by allowing this time and remaining connected to each other unconditionally makes the bond even stronger.

I feel, mass consciousness, the thinking of most of us here, and the basis for most counselling and guidance is conditional love, rather than unconditional love. If someone is not doing what you want them to do, leave them behind. If they are not on your time schedule, let them go. Some might say love them and let them go anyway. I understand that.
Twin Flame partners do not feel that desire to let go. They feel a love so immense and pure, they never want it to end.

People in Twin Flame relationships frequently end up with no-one to talk to about what they are going through. One partner (lets call the scared partner, partner A) most likely does not want to talk about it with anyone, even though they are confused about it and feel very alone.

The other partner (Partner B) finds themselves wanting to talk and gain support and clarity but ends up being judged. They start off talking to friends and family, however, with time, and due to lack of understanding, those people start to feel it is never going to move forward so they tell Partner B to move on and leave Partner A behind. Partner B tries to move on without Partner A but the feelings just don’t stop. They do not want to leave this enormous love behind them.

Often for Partner B the next step is a counsellor, who also tells them to move on and leave Partner A behind. Again, Partner B tries and can not.

What both partners often find in their Twin Flame relationships is that they move through their control issues and many other issues that their friends and family may not realise they have; they are generally buried very deeply.  By bringing these blockages into the light, the Twin Flame connection enables the healing of long-standing issues for both parties. As a result, a bond of deep trust forms between them and they come to understand that despite things moving slowly, the connection is very real.

Because the issues encountered are deep, and the growth is personal to each partner, they generally do not discuss it with others.  This leaves both partners feeling vulnerable, exposed, and, fearing judgement, it leads back to having no-one to talk to about the situation. Others have no understanding of just how significant this connection is.

Finding some sort of support from someone who understands becomes all important.

Twin Flame relationships will not come together until the time is right and there is a good chance for success. Until that time comes, the partners will be kept apart physically or emotionally by their own issues or by external events, up to and currently including a Global pandemic!


What Can I Do?

These relationships are about two people becoming who they really are. About letting go of the issues that stand in the way of truly connecting with another person in the unconditional love of a beautiful, Divine Union.

It is not only about learning to relate to each other, but also about loving and respecting yourself, and flowing with the growth and change that is appropriate for you.

If you are in one of these unions, you may find that as time marches on, again and again things appear to get in the way of you being together. These relationships will remain distant or ungrounded until the time is right. You both have major blockages to let go of and unfortunately, you can’t rush deep change.

Understand that even though you are apart, your energies are working together to create the necessary change and healing. It is important that you accept yourselves, as well as each other, unconditionally.

This is time you are given to get through your control issues, your fears, and to allow what is, to be. Not to try and make what is, fit into a picture that you recognise, or your preferred time schedule. Let go of the expectation that your partner will become whatever it is that you believe a partner should be, and allow them to be who they are. Your old expectations come from conditioning, not from love, and it is appropriate to let them go.

At the end of this, you will finally be able to say ok…so this is who you are! I accept you for you and me  for me.


“The biggest thing that happens in these Unions is that each Twin begins to see themselves through the eyes of the other Twin, who loves them unconditionally”.

“This leads both Twins to Self Acceptance, Self Love and a Union of Divine Love with an unbreakable bond”.

Letting Go Of Conditioning

There is a saying – We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. It is very true, and it applies to people as well as things. Our life experiences colour our views of all we encounter.

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.

Most relationships are based on the principle of changing each other, and most of them come to unhappy endings. We enter into relationships with a picture (that we have created) of who the other person is, which can be nothing like the person they really are. We then try to have a relationship with the person we have decided they are, rather than seeing them clearly. As time passes, we start to fight and shut down when they refuse to play the part that we have allocated to them.

Often in these relationships one partner bends, trying to be who the other person wants them to be.  The other partner may lose interest….or vice versa…or both partners do both. In time, the relationship ends and frequently both partners start new relationships with other partners – who again they aren’t seeing clearly – and try to make a successful relationship with the very same behaviour that caused their other relationships to end.
These are old style dysfunctional relationships and change is needed. So many people now simply don’t want a partner any more because they are tired of going in this cycle and don’t understand that they can change it. When we are hopeful of a loving, sharing relationship and instead end up feeling like we have been cast in a role in a movie about an unworkable fantasy relationship, it can be soul destroying.

They say, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. What we need to do is accept ourselves and each other for who we already are. If we can’t accept who this person is, the answer is not in trying to change them. The solution lies in letting go of the need to change someone else, releasing the view that we all need to be the same.  If this is happening to you, then you are being pointed towards self acceptance and changing the way you relate to others. Finding someone else generally only puts you back at the same point you just left, ready to repeat the same cycle.

Twin Flame Relationships are here to break this pattern of dysfunction by bringing to earth connections between two people that are so powerful, both partners will do what is required to move past their patterns and conditioning. Through this, they will arrive at unconditional love in a Divine Union.

Being True To Ourselves

A man told me once that over the course of his marriage, he had changed in every way that his wife wanted him to. He had honoured all her requests, and surrendered to her, becoming the man she said she wanted him to be. As the years passed, they had major problems and ended up just living in the same house, no love, no sex, just co-habitating. His wife then said to him…

You are not the Man I Married and I don’t love you anymore

This is what happens when we change for someone else. Who we are is what attracts our partners to us. When we stop being who we are, the attraction fades, sometimes it completely dies.

The Twin Flame Experience is all about learning unconditional acceptance of ourselves and others; as well as getting past the issues that stop us from experiencing true love. We can then be an example for others and help ground Divine Love into this plane of existence, thereby helping the planet come to another level.

Unseen Forces

Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Understand that you are both growing from your energetic union and while a significant amount of time may have already passed, I bet you don’t want anyone else. Having felt this level of connection and Divine Love with your Twin Flame, makes everything else pale into insignificance. If you cant feel anything like this for someone else, what is the point of moving on?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a partner before that would encounter and conquer the darkest and most difficult parts of himself to enable him to merge with me. My Twin Flame challenges me in so many ways, and I love it. I love that he won’t do things just because I want him to. He is his own man, take him or leave him – as he is. I love that he makes me think about who I am and what my expectations are. I love that he makes me confront myself and my conditioning. I love that he makes me grow – and I love that he grows as well. He is his own man and he does not grow from my insistence on things but from his own recognition that he could do better. This, all of it, is the most beautiful gift I have ever received, and its ok that some deliveries are slow.

It took me a long time to understand that even though all I saw was a standstill, my Twin was still trying to get through his issues.

What is happening behind the scenes for both of you is that you are un-learning yourselves. Letting go of cultural and ancestral conditioning, and allowing yourself to be part of the most incredible Divine Union – more amazing than you could ever imagine. Does it really matter how long it takes to get to that?

When we stop trying to control what happens, and place our focus on ourselves, the energy shifts, allowing beautiful things to come to us, in the most perfect ways.

Take a deep breath, let go and allow your Twin Flame Connection to unfold in the most wonderful way.


“The greatest gift we can give ourselves or another being is to truly accept them as they are”.

Twin Flame Psychic Readings

Support When You Need It

No matter what sort of relationship you are in, I am available to talk to and guide you in the direction you need to go in to help improve your situation.

I specialise in Twin Flame Psychic Guidance and Support, not from reading about them, but from personal experience. I understand just how hard they can be, and how strong the need to stay with them is.

Another specialty area for me is supporting people in Deep Change, which of course goes hand in hand with relationships, whether they be with ourselves, with others, or Twin Flame Unions.

Your guidance will be delivered with compassion and understanding. I will listen to you without judgement, we are all doing the best we can in our own unique set of circumstances. I will be honest and clear with you.

I can help you see what you might not be seeing. I can connect with your partner and let you know where they are at and how they are feeling.

My own early experiences of travelling the Twin Flame road were of receiving guidance telling me what to do but not explaining the importance of certain things. I was not given the understanding that was needed to help me get out of the way of this process, thereby prolonging it. I will give you that all important understanding that generally only comes from people specialising in Twin Flame Connections.

I can let you know what to expect next.

I can help you to stay positive, which is so important.

I can be that much needed support as you walk this difficult but beautiful path.

I know this can be a lonely road. Being in a Twin Flame Relationship can make us realise how important it is just to be heard.

Please email me a pic of you both (separate pics are fine) and give me both your locations, names, and dates of birth. I offer a chat service, full readings, and an ongoing support service – weekly or fortnightly live sessions with me to help keep you positive, sane and moving forward.

Connection = Support