Twin Flame Attributes

Attributes of Twin Flame Connections

How do you know if you are in a Twin Flame Relationship?

Well one sign is that early on it feels big, and before long you may feel like you are going crazy and you need help!

These relationships have so much about them that is beautiful, but, make no mistake, they are hard work for both partners. Worthwhile, but definitely challenging.

Listed below are the main elements that define these connections.


Twin Flame relationships are difficult. On one hand they are intensely passionate and loving, more than either partner has ever felt before. They both want nothing more than to be together and it can become all consuming. On the other hand, these connections dredge up the unhealed issues within us, calling us to heal them, to let them go. This can include anything, from core issues like feeling unlovable or undeserving of a great love, to the old wounds from our previous relationships that have not yet been addressed.

The issues are large and the relationship may be put on hold to allow space for healing. During this time, Twin Flame partners still feel the energetic connection with each other.


Twin Flame Relationships are also about respect and honouring each other. Although there will be disagreements and the partners will trigger each other, there will still be respect. Each will admire the other for being true to who they are and for standing their ground. There is unconditional love here, loving the best and the worst of each other. Understanding each other’s fears and insecurities, knowing that this is a big healing process for both, triggered by the other.


There is a huge physical attraction with these connections. It is like each partner was specifically ordered to meet the requirements of the other.  If you have a thing for hands, you will love theirs. If you love a particular type of body, they will have it. If you like a certain height, they will meet it. Their sexual energy will attract you strongly. It is really as if you were created with each other in mind. This runs deeper than the physical appearance; it also includes things you become aware of as you look at them. How they talk, how they walk, their presence. You will love it all.

Spiritual Connection

Twin Flames are connected energetically. They sense each other’s moods and feelings, whether they are physically together or on the other side of the world. They often think the same things at the same time; they are in-sync with each other. Twin Flames feel connected to each other, and often, for long periods they just can’t get their partner off their mind. They may feel their partner’s energy around them, dream about them, and even smell them.

Twin Flame Attributes

Signs you may be in a Twin Flame Relationship:

  1. When you first meet or find each other, it feels special immediately. You may be scared to admit that to yourself, but deep down, it feels true.
  2. You are drawn to each other. You feel you are together, even if you are apart. You know this is the right person for you.
  3. You understand each other, more than anyone else understands either of you.
  4. They lift your energy. If you are down, talking to them makes you happier. If you are sick, contact with them helps you get better.
  5. You feel whole when you are physically together, or if you are apart, you feel whole when your energies connect or you talk.
  6. When you fight and go through separation, you feel broken. You just feel no good without them.
  7. You are connected at a very deep level. The connection feels like it has always been there, even before you met or found each other in this life.
  8. You share the same thoughts; you may finish each other’s sentences.
  9. You are prepared to change your life to be with this person, including major changes like moving to a different country or changing careers.
  10. No matter how big a rift you may experience, you always come back together. You understand that the problems are about healing and you automatically forgive each other.
  11. Even separations that last a long time do not change this connection, the love is always there, and eventually you come back together.
  12. You don’t want anyone else. You cherish this person, even in the worst of times.
  13. You go through major change within yourself as a result of the healing that comes from this connection.
  14. Your views on ‘healthy’ love and relationships change as you experience the growth and acceptance that stems from this union. Many would say this is ‘unhealthy’ but you see the beautiful growth and healing it has brought you both. You know it can’t be bad.
  15. You learn from each other. The respect you have for your partner makes you see the value in the way they are, and you learn things you didn’t understand before.
  16. You balance each other; you are good at what they are not, and vice versa.
  17. With time, you feel more and more comfortable with one or the other needing space.
  18. Try as you may, you can’t seem to bring this relationship together until you have both healed enough of your issues. Stabilising these relationships takes time.
  19. You really see each other, and love them for who they are, not for some ideal you have.
  20. You feel that you are learning what unconditional love really is through this connection.

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