Recorded Psychic Relationship Reading

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Caring Psychic Guidance To Help With Your Relationship

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Need Help Understanding Your Relationship?

A Recorded Psychic Relationship Reading can help bring you to a new level of understanding.

Why do you push each other’s buttons so much? Why is it so hard at times?

Sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of us; we can be too close to the situation and not see the dynamics at play.

Our relationships generally repeat from patterns in our early life. They can also be attempts to heal hurts from past life relationships; a settling of Karmic Debts, or we may be trying to heal Ancestral Karma.

Relationships and love bring us the greatest joy in life, however they can also bring us the greatest pain. Relationships require that we allow someone to come close; hopefully letting our walls down and truly connecting with another being, in love.

That’s the plan…but where does it go from there? Frequently, what we thought and hoped would be our most beautiful connection can become strained, hurtful, even all out war. Why? What happens?

“We Do Not See Things As THEY Are

                 ……..We See Them As WE Are.”

Think about that for a minute.

Are you seeing your partner for who they really are? Are you seeing them, or are you seeing someone from long ago? Are you seeing with your view of today or from a viewpoint deep in your past?

Are you realising what you are doing in your relationship? Are you relating in a true and heartfelt way or are you reacting due to past experiences?

Most of us strive for a wonderful relationship where we feel happy and loved. If this does not describe your relationship, or if you are single and this does not describe your past, this reading can help you.

Once your Recorded Psychic Relationship Reading is complete, I will email you a link. You will receive your reading and my psychic input from your numerology.  I am happy to answer questions afterwards if you have any.

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  1. Sue

    Wow. It was all so spot on! You are good!

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