Recorded Psychic Reading Via Email


Recorded Psychic Reading via Email

Guidance for you when you lack clarity and direction. If you are confident you can walk your own path with a bit of clarity, this sort of reading is for you.


A Recorded Psychic Reading via Email can help you gain clarity about life and show you the steps to move forward from where you are at. These Recorded Psychic Readings are emailed to you so you will always have them there. They are recommended for people who are wanting some clarity and guidance and will then move forward on their own.

If you want to talk about what is happening and/or have some ongoing support, I also offer live video call readings/counselling.  You can start with a live session or you may decide after a recorded reading that you would like some personal support with creating change. Video calls are a great way to connect with each other and for you to really feel like you have support.

Recorded Psychic Reading via Email

 Recommended for:

  • Clarity about life in general
  • Help to understand life’s events and cycles
  • Help to identify your next steps
  • Supporting you through change
  • Guidance about what is happening in your life on many or even all fronts
  • If you are confident in your own ability to move forward once you have some clarity

One Off Or Ongoing Guidance And Support

COVID19 has been a great awakener. Many people are confused about their lives. Maybe you are starting to realise you are unhappy and do not know how to change things.  Maybe you need some direction or to just know where to start. At times you may feel like you are falling apart on the inside. You may be recognising that the life you have is not something that fulfills you and you need change. A Recorded Psychic Reading via Email or live video call sessions can help you.

Recorded Psychic Reading via Email guarantee a minimum of 20 minutes of my talk time. I use the pause button when I’m not talking so you will receive at least 20 minutes of voice. In a face to face reading, most people find that a good portion of the recording is them talking. In those readings I probably only talk half the time anyway, sometimes far less. This way, you have a recording that is purely my guidance which you can listen to anytime or share with others if you want to.

Deep Change Takes Time

I have been through long periods where life has been difficult, so I understand feeling worn down during these times. It is important to have some support and clarity about life so we can stay hopeful, even if not positive. Let me provide you with that support to help you keep moving forward through dark times. Deep change can take years to complete at times and it is very hard not to fall into self doubt in long periods of darkness.

Life is always easier when we understand what is happening and why. This is my specialty – let me help you.

As with all my readings, if you have questions, please contact me prior to purchasing a service. Once your payment has been processed, it takes time for the payment gateway to return it to you if you change your mind. Email me at


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