Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum


Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum on Copper Coloured Metal Chain

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Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum

This lovely Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum is suspended on a Copper Coloured Metal Chain. The Pendulum part is 4cm long and the chain is 18.5 cm long, a total length of 22.5 cm. It has a clear bead at the end of the chain to hold on to.

You can use your Pendulum for many things, including finding direction and water. Most Light-workers use a pendulum at some point on their spiritual path to help them develop and trust their intuition. They are most often used now for answering Yes or No questions.

How To Use Your Pendulum

  1. Hold your Pendulum still in front of you, with your arm supported.
  2. Ask your Pendulum to show you “Yes”. It will swing in one direction, which is often front to back.
  3. Ask it to show you “No”. It will swing in another direction, usually side to side.
  4. Frame your question so it can be answered with Yes or No and allow it to answer you.

Your Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum will move on its own, just relax. Allow it a little time at first to get used to your energy.  If the Pendulum goes in circles, there is no definite answer. You may need to wait for things to become more clear or re-frame your question. If the Pendulum doesn’t move at all, you need to be more relaxed. Using a Pendulum is also a good way to find out how strong your Life Force Energy Flow is.

Clear Quartz aids clarity, clear vision, truth, psychic ability, decision making.

Be careful with your Pendulum, if you drop it, the crystal will break. However, even if the tip breaks off, it will still work.


This Pendulum comes in a felt drawstring bag and the price includes postage with tracking, anywhere within Australia. Australian buyers, if you are buying more than one item, please email me to ask about combining shipping. Overseas buyers, please email me for shipping costs prior to purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 14.9 g
Dimensions 4 × 1.8 × 1.8 cm


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