I like Numerology. I find it far less complex than Astrology and easier to calculate and understand…I think. Numerology however, is only one of the things that impact our personalities and our lives. If you have difficult numbers in your date of birth, then you may find that they are lessened by the numbers in your name. You can also do a name change to alter your vibration and thereby change the influences on your life. Astrology can also add something that is missing in numerology, and vice versa. There are also things that we learn as we grow so we may overcome what is an inherent difficulty or shortcoming within us. Don’t be overly concerned about difficulty is what I’m saying. And anyway…if you couldn’t handle it, it wouldn’t be your reality!

I really wanted to put some free info on this site, and have it be information that will help people, not just entertain them…both is even better. I wanted a numerology program where people could buy a chart but I failed to find a good option. Then I looked into buying a widget to put on the site for people to use, another fail.

Then….after much searching and testing and trying and reading and exhaustion…I gave up trying to BUY a numerology anything. Just as I was about to completely give up on this idea…I found the wonderful site run by …and they have all these free calculators there. I am so grateful to finally find something useful, informative and I can’t believe it is free. Thank you so much Affinity Numerology.

In the process of doing these numerology calculations, you may click on a link to their website to check a number’s meaning. If you look, you will see there is a “Support This Website” area there. If you can afford to give something, and if you feel their tools have helped you, please donate something to help keep their site going. If everyone who uses this page donated just $10…or even $2 or $5, it would add up.

Free Numerology Calculators

Numerology readings

Free Numerology Report

Below is a Free Numerology Report Calculator and Reading. It is a very generous offering I think. Enter your full birth name and date of birth. Not your current name but the name you were given at birth.


Marriage/Relationships Report

This widget will calculate Marriage or Relationship Compatibility, just enter 2 names and 2 dates of birth. Note that there can be a big difference between results for our birth names and the names we call ourselves now. I am quite a different person now than the person I was born as, so I tend to use my current name for things.

Year Reading Report

This widget gives your Personal Year Reading. The interpretations are a bit brief, I will add to them.


Core Numbers Report

This widget gives your Core Numbers, without interpretations but you can go to Affinity Numerology’s site for basic meanings.


Personality Report

This widget can give you understanding of 4 Things That You Can Use To Get An Edge On Life by knowing the basics about your personality.

Best Name Report

Below is the Best Name widget. If you don’t know what to name a business you are wanting to start, or if you feel a desire to change your name…you can enter all your options into this widget.

The single digit number this asks about means…say your day number is 1 and you want to be in alignment with that then you might choose 1 as being your most important number. If you are seeking the influence of a particular number, say 8 for financial abundance and balance, then enter it here. This is seeking to know what you hope to achieve from the name/s you are considering. 5 is about travel, freedom, sexuality…it all depends on what you are seeking to bring about.


Open Heart Report

The energy represented by the numerology open heart letter reveals an urge of the heart. An urge from deep within, often felt as an emotional urge rather than a logical urge.

It is very much a part of a person, coloring their approach to life, their actions as they live life, and how they accomplish their goals.

Although from deep within, there generally is no inclination to hide it. Individuals generally take pride in their feeling about their approach to life or at least are not embarrassed about it.

The open heart is a personal urge. It isn’t one the individual feels a need to seek agreement about nor desires to recruit a group to promote its cause.

The open heart urge is something that provides personal satisfaction or pleasure when it is gratified — there tends to be a feeling that things are as they should be.

Note, the letter “Y” is counted as a vowel in numerology calculations when it is pronounced as a vowel. As an example, the “y” in the name “Kyle” is pronounced as a vowel.

Baby Name Report

This widget below is a Baby Name Calculator. Names can bestow many things upon our children and often we have no clue what we are doing. Fate is good and we can trust destiny to do it’s thing but we already have no control over the date or time of birth usually…I think that is enough to leave to fate. We already choose our childrens names, why not choose something that can help them.

I just had a look at the helpful information in this widget, what a great tool it is. Thanks again to, greatly appreciated.

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