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Supporting Your Growth.....

As you embody the beautiful, magnificent being that you are.

My personal ethics and the space I’ve been in for quite some time now, mean, that I need to feel good about what I do. That is a really simple truth about me, and self explanatory. If you are ever dis-satisfied with a service here, please tell me.

Supporting your growth means – that I allow you the space to go through what you are going through, to grow in the ways and at the pace your soul directs. I support you as you walk your path, not tell you which path to walk.

There are so many people under the “New Age” or “Healer” banners who want to tell you what you need to do and why you need to do it, often pushing people into or towards issues they may not actually be ready yet to face or deal with. The issues we create within us whilst here are only part of the picture – we arrive in this realm fully loaded with old issues from other lives.

Think about a big knotted up ball of wool. In order to undo it, you have to start at an end and untangle it one bit at a time. Our issues are intertwined like that. There is no point trying to straighten out something unless we follow the natural flow. One thing sits on or in another and the best and probably the only effective thing to do is, follow the process we naturally lean towards. Let our bodies or our feelings show us the right way.

Deciding we are going to work on X issue, may not be good as it might not be the one that sits on top. The truth is, we are all in self healing mode all the time. It is our normal state of being. Why aren’t we all fully healed if that is true, you ask… Because we may avoid it, delay it, barter with it…often for so long that it changes from something fairly gentle, into a full blown volcanic eruption.

We draw into our lives,  events that will take us towards healing. You must have noticed that after going through some sort of trauma, you feel like a stronger, more confident and resilient person.

Even what looks like the worst experience possible, also has a positive effect on us. Generally we don’t consciously request those experiences…yet they find us. In fact, we unknowingly call them in. It is healing in motion. Most people just don’t recognise that as healing.

And how about that person in your life that annoys you and makes you so angry…..yes they are there to push your buttons so you can heal the wound they trigger.

Unfortunately, we usually do not learn much or grow from positive, light-hearted experiences. Hence the need to call in distressing ones at times, especially when we are stuck.

The soul knows what it needs to grow, and it has no problem putting it in our path.

The difference between me and many of the other growth oriented sites/people out there is that I honour the path that you choose for yourself and I support you on that path. There is a lot of talk about self empowerment thesedays and this is the path to it.

Sadly, many advisors consciously or not, keep you dependent. They have the old attitude that they need to have and provide all the answers for you rather than supporting you as you find them for yourself. This does not help you – it merely creates dependency. This is old thinking. It is time you were treated with the respect and honour you deserve and be supported in learning to trust yourself. To find your own answers, which will enable you to stand strong, spread your wings and fly.

Imagine the respect and reverence that a mentor appointed to support the growth of a child King, Queen, or Buddha might conduct themselves with. If you have found yourself here, then you are the Priest or Priestess and deserve to be treated with such honour and respect.

This practice of allowing you to set the pace and direction ensures that you walk the path that is right for you – not one that is convenient for me. Don’t worry that you may not know how to find that path or direction at first, I can help you with that.

Psychic support online

My Mission Statement

Create a space where my clients can feel safe and relax.

To be honest in my dealings with you and in the site content.

Help you understand life and yourself.

Support you on the path towards self-acceptance, self-love and self-empowerment.

Respecting your ability to get yourself through your healing process as I simply accompany you along that path.

Helping other or Future Light Workers to:

  • Learn not only how to support their clients but also to gradually taper off that support as the need for it reduces.
  •  Gain satisfaction from no longer being needed by their clients – and realising that to be the ultimate success.
  •  To deliver their services with integrity, helping them to comprehend the difference between supporting their clients’ growth and dictating it.

Mentor Future Light Workers who wish to make this their path in life. Helping them learn how to support others in their growth, by honouring and trusting that each soul is capable of self direction, and has that right and responsibility.

Honouring the God within each being.

Communication is Key

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