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"When our life becomes stressful, we often lose sight of the big picture and can be stuck in a cycle of struggle and lack that causes a lot of anxiety. I find Sue's readings help me regain sight of the big picture once more. I can then recognise the choices I have before me that change the direction I'm taking to one that is supportive of where I most want to go. Sue's insight and her ability to help me gain clarity are always so very valuable! I happily recommend Sue for anyone who is willing to take responsibility for their choices and is looking for assistance in recognising the patterns blocking their progress."
Lynda J
Thank you for the first part of the reading, I cried and cried and cried. It all validated so much. Have just finished listening to the remainder of the reading and I would just like to say everything has been completely validated. Thank you so much, it has been authentic and direct and relevant. You have passed on what I have been needing to hear for so long and have shown me pieces of the puzzle I just couldn't have known were there - if that makes sense. Thank you
Wow! The free love tarot reading was spot on! The numerology very reassuring and professional. Thank you for your support.
My reading was validated, authentic and relevant. I was given what was needed to clarify my current circumstances giving me a sense of peace. Touching on what has been, now and what is to be, this has been the most direct and accurate reading I have ever had. Thank You.
And then with my most recent reading last week that completely and utterly once again validated every single shift that has occurred in my life. You are a beautiful mentor, healer and reader. Thank you for guiding me out of probably one of the darkest experiences of my life back into the light.
Wow is all I can say. Can not recommend highly enough. This lady is the real deal and is so blessed with such amazing talents. I chose to have a recorded psychic reading, and am blown away at Sue’s accuracy, intuition, compassion and kindness. Her guidance is invaluable. I’m looking forward to listening to my recording over and over, especially when I need some grounding and definitely will be booking again. Thank you, Sue xx
Shocking accuracy on the relationship tarot reading after trying twice a few weeks apart after large changes had been made. Numerology is also greatly accurate!
I had a numerology reading that was exactly what I was needing. I was feeling a little lost and grief-y and my reading was insightful, compassionate and intuitive - it came from a place of love. Sue's readings (for me) are always from the heart with a dash of humour. The warmth of her reading comforted me whilst giving me the courage to stand up, dust myself off and carry on with a sense that I hadn't "lost" myself, I just needed to return to myself.

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