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Love Partner

At the bottom of this page I have put an automated 7 card “Love Partner” tarot spread which is free to use. It is a just a gift from me to you because I know sometimes we just need a little guidance…. especially late at night!

I wanted to have some instant guidance available here. Since I couldn’t find a psychic robot, I opted for an automated tarot reading. Sometimes we want an instant answer or immediate guidance, or at least something to consider.

Calm yourself, take some deep breaths and feel your partner in your heart. Then click on the shuffling cards at the bottom of the page slowly and stay focused. Hopefully, you will then find your reading to be fairly accurate (even though I need to tell you this is provided for entertainment purposes only). Do not do it over and over, do it once a day at most. Take the time to do it with focus rather than doing it several times which will only confuse you.

Hover your mouse over the deck to commence shuffling and click when you are ready to choose each card. If you need to re-start the reading, simply refresh the page.

This spread lends itself to romantic partnerships very well however it could also be used for any love relationship such as family or close friends. At the end of the reading, on the last card interpretation you will have the option to email me your reading if it has not answered your questions. I can then book a session for you if you wish.

Position Definitions

Card 1

You Now
How you are feeling right now within yourself, separately from the relationship. We can tend to lose ourselves once we enter a relationship and not live our own lives or have our own goals. This is a reminder to check in with us and how we are doing. Sometimes we need to just get ourselves right or deal with our own issues that are not connected to the relationship. This applies particularly to Twin Flame Connections where we remain apart until we work out our own issues and having those cleared, we can then be together in unconditional love. Divine relationships are about sharing the best of ourselves with each other, while also being there for each other in times of need. They are not licenses to control our partners, nor to make them responsible for our lives.

Card 2

Your Partner Now
How your partner is feeling right now within themselves, separately from the relationship. We can tend to lose ourselves once we enter a relationship and not live our own lives or have our own goals. This is a reminder to us, that our partner has their own life, own feelings, own concerns and may need space at times for reasons that have nothing to do with us. What shows in this card can sometimes be a little bit of a surprise to us, sometimes we only think we know how our partner is feeling. This card can serve to make us more clear about what is happening within our partner.

Card 3

Your Feelings About The Relationship
This card shows how you are feeling about the relationship at this point. This can be where we discover how balanced our view is about the relationship, whether we are happy in it and feeling secure or if we are fearful it will end and worried that it is on shaky ground. Are we content in this union or seeking something more, perhaps more than this partner is prepared to give us, or perhaps we have not asked them. Relationships flow best when there is a give and take of communication between partners, no matter how difficult this can be at times.

Card 4

Your Partner's Feelings About The Relationship
See Above, reversed. Is your partner feeling happy and content in this relationship or are they insecure about how things are going? You do not need to have the same sort of personality but both partners need to be willing to work on any needed changes. Both parties need to care enough about remaining together to put in the effort and to establish good communication if it is not already there.

Card 5

Best Outcome
This card shows how to get the best outcome you can hope for in your relationship, or where your relationship can go...the best you can hope for from where you stand today, if you implement any needed positive changes. Although this is a benchmark, it can certainly change as you work on things. As your current situation improves, so does your 'best outcome' heading. Do not be surprised to see this card change radically with time if you start working on your relationship, incorporating unconditional love and acceptance, not only of each other but also of yourselves. True change starts within.

Card 6

Current Heading
This card shows where your relationship is headed the way it is currently going….if you change nothing. If you do not like this heading, then an adjustment will be necessary to change it and you should look to card 5 for direction. Previous cards will help illuminate the changes needed to put your relationship on a different course.

Card 7

Basis Of This Relationship
Why are you together? What were you intending to do in this relationship, spiritually speaking? What changes will it bring about in you both? Relationships with others serve as mirrors for us, they are the best way for us to see ourselves and learn from how we interact with our partners. No-one sees us quite like our partners do, those we care for most touch us in the deepest ways, thereby bringing out both the best and the worst in us. This card can shed light on what you intended to share or learn about yourselves from this relationship. If you get a card of difficulty here, a dark looking card, or a major arcana card, then this relationship possibly has great spiritual or karmic significance. You may be learning to to let love in, to put yourself first, to value yourself or others more. You may be trying to learn not to stay in an unhappy relationship. There is a difference between two people who are committed to each other, and to changing within to become better versions of themselves - and beating our heads against a wall.

If the Best Outcome and Current Heading cards are quite different and you would like to bring them more into alignment, or if you just feel you would like some support, you may want to book a session.

In addition to recorded readings which I email to you, I provide sessions for psychic guidance face to face via video call which can help you with your relationships, or with anything you are facing in life. These sessions can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes long and can be ongoing or one off.

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