Chill out with psychic support

How will it help me?

If only we could relax. If only we could tune out the rest of the world and the constant chatter in our heads and in our environments.

It sounds so basic but it can be really difficult to do at times. As simple as it seems, this is the answer to finding ourselves, creating some peace so we can hear our own inner voice.

I find that some nice easy music, combined with some conscious breathing helps my process along. It cuts the chatter, helps me to relax and forget the things that have been on my mind.

Days or sometimes weeks later, when I’m out in the garden or driving a country road, suddenly a solution I’ve been searching for just pops into my head on it’s own, effortlessly.

How can you make this happen?

Are you alone now? Can you be alone now? Can you turn off whatever appliance is running and close the door…close yourself away from the outside world for a short while. Can you leave your phone in another room?

How much time and money do we spend on trying to find direction? Reducing stress? On finding inner peace? Searching for ourselves? I have shocking news for you…your inner self, the real you, is sitting there with you right now! Your inner self is happy to share with you, you just have to stop and listen. And guess what else? It’s free.

I might burst some bubbles here but…no-one knows better than we do, what is right for us. We just don’t always hear our inner voice. Other people can help us until we find our own inner guidance….but never believe that someone else knows more than you do about you. You might just need some support to get started.

Recently I have come across lots of websites or ads saying “I will empower you.” Or “Let me empower you.” No-one can empower you, we empower ourselves. The very statement of someone empowering someone else is wrong…

To be empowered is to own our own power by claiming it, by connecting with our inner wisdom and strength. It is not a gift that someone else can give us. Self-empowerment comes from the self.

We can learn to connect with ourselves and empower ourselves in the process. We can learn that the love we seek comes from ourselves, by accepting and embracing who we really are. All of ourselves….not just the parts that are easy to love.

We can come to understand that there is nothing wrong with us. We do not need to “try” to be a better person. The best version of ourselves follows on naturally from self acceptance, first accepting and then loving ourselves with all of what we might have called our faults. These perceived faults are really just aspects of ourselves seeking acceptance and love.

Do you realise that the answers we seek really are just there? Where there? Right there within us. We don’t need to chase them or search for them outside of ourselves, we don’t need to meditate and focus on letting them in. All we need to do is relax in the knowledge that the answers are within us and they will surface if we just trust ourselves and allow them to do so. That is really it.

Don’t relax and expect the answer to come immediately. Nor to pretend to relax and think about the question. Not to relax and visualize finding the answer. None of that is actually relaxing, it’s just more worrying and stressing, done quietly whist telling ourselves we are relaxing. Really relax and forget about it. Our answers, our knowingness, will come when they or we, are ready. Often the problem is that we are not relaxed enough to recognize or receive them when they come.

Trust Your Own Process….

This is sheer faith in life, in our souls, to bring us what we need, when we need it. To trust and simply allow that process to unfold as it will. Although that is very simple, it is not easy.

I have embedded below here a lovely YouTube video with beautiful music. It is 3 hours long, so you can relax for a while, even drift off to sleep with it if you like.

Look at the imagery, let the music wash over you. In addition to relaxing, it is a good way to remember to appreciate the natural beauty of this gorgeous planet we call home. We live a very man made existence thesedays. It’s nice to remember what is real.

Know that all you need to do is relax and the answers you seek will come to you. Most likely not today…be patient.

This is the beginning of the road to trusting yourself, which leads to self-love, self-empowerment. I can’t tell you how often I’ve done readings and the person has said to me…”I was thinking that, but just wanted confirmation.”

Trusting ourselves is a process. It doesn’t happen in a day or a week…forgive yourself if you are not where you wanted to be by now, let any schedule go. The growth you seek stems from being in a relaxed state; the very existence of a schedule hampers your progress. Observe nature, it just trusts the process.

If you would like some support as you walk the path towards self-empowerment and trusting yourself, please book in for a reading or coaching session.

Everything is perfect, including you. It is we, ourselves, that need to see this. As we see it, others will see it.

Changing the world really does start with the person in the mirror. It all begins on the inside and ripples outward.

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