Core Change.... Enlightenment..... Awakening.... Ascension..... Embodied Mastery..... Self Realisation

Many different terms that you may see used on the internet…for what can be one long process. If your life has become really difficult, and it is just not making any sense to you any more, you may be awakening at a really deep level.

All of us in this line of work have a specialty. Most can go in just about any direction required, however we all have our own life experiences and spiritual wisdom that applies particularly to some certain area. This area is one of my specialties.

My specialty is to help people with core issues, core change, awakening. People who feel lost and uncertain – they know life has changed, THEY have changed…they can feel that they are not the same any more. They are also disheartened, as they realise the tools they used to employ to create or adjust the landscape of their life – like creative visualisation, affirmations, meditation etc – don’t work for them any more.

Meditations, affirmations, positive thinking, whatever they used to employ to make changes in their lives, no longer works. No-one seems to understand them or what they are going through and therefore it seems that there is no help available.

Awakening is transformation at the deepest level. Many of us look forward to awakening, expecting some beautiful, enlightening experience that makes us see things differently, including ourselves.  BUT…think about it for a minute. Think about being asleep and dreaming for a minute. Unless it’s a nightmare, we are usually pretty cosy and warm within our dreams and waking up brings us back into what can be the harsh reality of this life.

For most of us, being here in physical form means we subscribe to mass consciousness. It can be as if we are under a spell so to speak. Within the boundaries of mass consciousness, we live within our own version of reality. For those of us who have been on a path of growing consciousness, we may have belief systems around how to create change, and understandings of what our long path seems to have shown us to be the truth.

At certain times in life, for some of us, these beliefs and understandings can suddenly shatter as we watch a new reality appear before us. Our truths are no longer true.

Why Is My Life Falling Apart?

The actual experience of deep awakening is often very different to what people expect. When awakening comes, it is usually not what people think is happening to them. In fact it generally seems to be the opposite of what it is.

Deep awakening takes time, and many find they gradually lose faith in themselves and their beliefs, they withdraw and do not understand what is happening to them. The last thing they would think is that they are actually growing in consciousness. It is not something that occurs to most people going through this. Therefore you can be deep in this process and have no clue.

It is common to experience major self doubt…everything you have believed in no longer works or seems true…how can that be? This self doubt causes withdrawal from friends, loved ones, and life in general – as much as possible. It may make you quit your job, you may fall ill and withdraw from the world due to your state of health.

We have been lead to believe, and, for those on a path of growing consciousness, many have even taught others…that if we take all the right steps, meditate, stay positive, say affirmations, stay connected with ourselves…our lives run smoothly and we are joyful people. What do we do when, despite our best efforts, our lives suddenly start falling down around us?

When our beliefs cease to be true, it is very difficult for us to comprehend – because we had already experienced them as truth. They used to work for us.

Traveling this road can be where we discover that awakening is not the joyful and beautiful process we anticipated. The joy and beauty is the result, it will come. In the meantime, in the everyday steps that we need to take, the challenges of awakening in a world where most people are still sleeping can be immensely painful at times…even for long periods. ‘The dark night of the soul’ certainly comes into play here.

Having personally spent a considerable amount of time doing this particular dance with life, it is now a specialty area for me. I have come through this time of deep awakening and change with many new understandings. It is not something to be feared, even though it can feel scary.

It is time to learn new ways, to take in new experiences, walk new paths, release old karma, to allow change to come to us and go through us. To merge with our souls like never before. To emerge from the dreamy slumber we have been in.

Although what has been happening has probably felt like punishment, it is not. The time has come to celebrate having arrived at the end of the path we were on. Now we need to allow a little time while our new path is laid.

Are You Feeling Very Different?

If the life you had seems to be shattering and you are unable to put it back together, then the message is clear. It is not appropriate to put it back together. If you are also unable to create a new direction, then the message for that is clear too. You will need to flow with what is happening. As much as you probably don’t want either of these statements to be true, they are.

You may be feeling disillusioned as the life you previously enjoyed living ceases to fulfill you. You may feel the need to withdraw from everything and everyone, to allow this change from deep within you, even though you don’t know where it is leading.

Have you become consumed with the feeling that you can no longer just go through the motions of the life you have? That you MUST now live from your heart and do things or be with people because they align with your soul. You find you can no longer do things simply for money, to maintain the status quo, or to make others happy, they have to align with your true nature, your soul’s desire. 

This is the beginning of living a new, authentic life. The new life that is unfolding will fulfill you on a scale that the old you could not even imagine. Something that beautiful will require some time and patience. Try to relax and know it will be ok. You probably have no idea what you even want now, that is ok too and I can help you get around that obstacle.

This is a long slow process of deep change, it may have been gradually playing out in your life for many years already, and now be accelerating. Once you are partially awake, you can’t just slip back into the dream. Take some deep breaths and know that everything will be ok. There are people who have traveled this path before you, who are here to help.

What Do You do?

As I look back from here, I see 20 years of this deep change from the beginning of my process to starting to feel like I was coming out of it. Don’t panic that you still have 20 years ahead of you, if you can relate to what I’ve said here then you have already been in the process for a while without knowing it.

For me, now is pretty good, I must say. From here, I would say it was worth every minute, every tear…but I wouldn’t have said that a few years back.

Have you been feeling alienated from others, and like no-one understands what you are going through, least of all you? If your life doesn’t make sense any more, maybe I can help you chart a path through this.

It’s just time to wake up….and I’ve got the coffee! It will be ok. I have walked this path already so I know the road and I can help you.

If you are in this process, consider booking in for a guidance session. I hope you will allow the new, authentic, me to greet the new authentic you.

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