Ancestral Karma

What is Ancestral Karma? We are born with it, or into it; it travels down our Ancestral Lines, similar to the Physics of Genetics. Ancestral Karma is quite difficult for people to bear, as usually it has nothing to do with them. They were not the cause; they were simply born into it…just like a big nose, a great smile or a wealthy family.

We easily accept that when we are born we may look like our Mother, our Father, our Uncle or even a Great Great Grandparent. We often say…”she has my eyes”, or her Grandmother’s smile etc. We may even say “He has his Dad’s quick mind”. We understand that people of medium height can give birth to tall children because somewhere in their ancestry are taller people. Dark haired people can have red headed children who look a lot like Great Uncle Fred.

What most people do not realise is that we may also inherit personality traits, fears, expectations and ways of relating. We can grow up in a dysfunctional family that comes from a long line of broken relationships. Even if those relationships stayed together as they did in the past for survival reasons, many of them were not good.

Ancestral Karma can also make us more prone to suffering from nervous complaints, or to what is now known as PTSD. Our Great Great Grandmother may have had a huge fear of spiders. This fear can also be passed down through Ancestral Karma.

Lack Consciousness.

Ancestral Karma can affect us in many ways. We can have a whole host of issues to deal with, and as we look around us, we sometimes wonder why we are affected by them; there seems to be no apparent cause that we can identify in our own lives. Many of us are affected by “Lack Consciousness” and poverty thinking as well as our relationships with others being impacted. Consider where these issues may have originated…

Did you grow up in a family that suffered from poverty? Generally speaking, these situations are passed down from generation to generation and become mentalities that are like spider webs, trapping people within them. Once born into poverty, it can be very difficult to break out. One of the issues with this is that often the goal of someone in this situation can be small, finding just enough to get by for the next day, the next week, the next meal in some cases. Poverty does make the small things loom large. I understand this thinking however it can perpetuate the problem by not setting your sights on a big enough solution. This is lack of self belief.

Poverty thinking or “Lack Consciousness” can be passed down, coming from war times, where food was scarce, as well as further back in history when food had to be caught. In those days there was a very real chance of going hungry.

Being brought up in scarcity or poverty, may make us seek “just enough”. We are taught not to be “greedy”. One thing may need to be shared among many people and we soon discover there are consequences for taking more than our allotted share. In that situation, it is necessity, however when we grow up and have the opportunity to do things differently for ourselves, we can still be held back by this “Lack Consciousness”.

I’m addressing this to people in developed countries who have their basic needs met and the opportunity to lift themselves out of their situation. Third world and war stricken countries where people do not even have food or basic safety, or people in extreme situations in developed countries are an entirely different matter.

Dysfunctional Relationships

Ancestral Karma can also see us relating badly to those we love; ingrained patterns possibly coming from times when relationships formed and stayed together for survival. These relationships were not necessarily of a romantic nature; more a pact or agreement for each partner to perform certain tasks necessary for the family unit to survive.

Historical relationships were about actual physical survival, not just about being happy and the finer points that we concern ourselves with with today. People formed relationships so the population could grow and families didn’t starve to death. The children also had to be hard workers and do whatever was required. They helped to build the family fortune – or maintain survival, depending on the circumstances. Back then many couples gave birth to their own workforce. Not to say there was no love, but these were different times. With love certainly came expectations, survival depended on it.

Think about that. Generation after generation, this is where we’ve formed our relationship habits. It is no real surprise they aren’t working for us. It is time to actually put some thought into what we do and bring new consciousness into these most important facets of our lives.

Many of us spend our whole lives wanting a great love relationship and when it comes we destroy it with our outdated habits.

For most of us in developed nations, physical survival is no longer a big concern. We have food, we are as safe as we can be, and our concerns have changed to the finer details of life. Generally speaking, we don’t need to worry so much now about the bigger issues, however we still have those imprints from earlier times holding us back.

Ancestral Karma can dictate how we treat those around us and how we behave in relationships. Some of us exhibit aggression, having inherited traits from times where it didn’t matter how people were treated; they had no choice but to stay in the family unit if they wanted to survive. Others are still playing the role of the abused person, not valued as they should be; they have never learned to value themselves. Many play out fears that see them trying to control everyone and everything around them out of fear of losing them. All this can be passed down through Ancestral Karma.

Often people believe that they have healed these issues and that they are good and fair in relationships. If questioned, they will answer, honestly, that they think these patterns are not an issue for them. We can truly believe this even though it is not true.

We can be effectively blinded to our patterns.

If these same people were video recorded in the midst of playing out their patterns, they would most likely be genuinely surprised, possibly horrified at how they relate to their nearest and dearest. Telling signs can be found in the little things people say or do. Often it is easier to detect these issues by observing someone rather than asking them a direct question…because often they truly don’t see the issue.

Change Your Life And Future Generations.

I know you’re thinking all this is pure one generational childhood stuff, but it all stems much further back. Your parents, their parents and their parents before them were probably all affected by Ancestral Karma. It is said to reach back at least 14 generations. At this point, it is deeply ingrained in you and while ending it is not easy, recognising it is an important step.

These ideas, like Genetics, do not come simply from observation, they affect us whether we observe them or not. Just like physical appearance, these traits or fears can be present in adopted people who have never met their family line.

There was a study done with rats put in a maze and left to figure out how to get out of it, which they did. Later, the offspring of those rats were placed in the same maze and immediately found their way out. Far more than physical traits are passed from generation to generation. That would seem to confirm, just as Ancestral Karma becomes part of your make-up, it can also be erased from your lineage. If you overcome your Ancestral Karma, then with time it will be erased from future generations of your family line. That is huge.

How To Make A Change.

This is not about pointing fingers and saying anyone is a bad person. Most people want to do the best they can and many are simply frustrated by how their lives unfold. Time and time again the same issues can play out in our relationships and we frequently only see what the other person is doing. We somehow do not see our part in what happens. The same can occur in our quest for abundance, good health or whatever we seek. We can be completely oblivious to the self limiting patterns playing out in our daily lives.

This is of great significance because we can only change ourselves. Read that again….We can only change ourselves. We have no control over the actions of others, only over our own actions. As long as we are oblivious to this fact and waiting for the other person in the equation to change, we are powerless and will remain so. When we wait for someone else to change so that our lives will improve, we are lost. We give that person our power and expect them to change our lives, and they will not. They can’t. Same as you, the only life they can change is their own.

This is such an important point that I’m going to repeat it again. The only person that can change our lives is us. Only you can change your life.

What Am I Missing?

Another part of all this is looking at not just what happens, but why does it happen? This is the interesting part. We are shown the path to follow so we can reach the desire we have. The keys that unlock what we want come to us, but we so often don’t recognise them.

‘Who and what we draw into our circle of experience is exactly who or what we need’.

Many people seem to think we are on a journey of ‘repaying karmic debts’ as a punishment. They think we are ‘learning to be better people’. I’m sure we have all heard the expression “Karma’s a Bitch”. This way of thinking implies there is something wrong with us, that we are bad people. Not so.

What is actually happening is that our soul knows we have certain issues that stop us from connecting truly and deeply with love, life, abundance, or good health. If we have expressed a desire to overcome those issues, our soul helps us by putting keys in our path. The idea is to use these keys to unlock pathways so we can be truly happy. To enjoy our time here and have the depth of experience that we came here for.

Our souls attract to us, those people, experiences, events, setbacks etc. that we need, to look at ourselves and say hey…this is in my way. I’m going to let go of this so I can be happier. Now that I see what is happening, I’m going to make a change. The issues we are confronted by are the keys that unlock new doors for us.

Changing How We Relate.

How this translates with partners is that we draw in exactly who we need to trigger our issues, so we can learn to let them go. Generally this realisation happens very slowly, if at all. Instead what usually happens is both partners try to dominate the situation and make the other change.  Both partners are sure they are right and the other needs to change to their viewpoint. Many relationships end as they come to this point again and again without being able to reach a solution.

“What happens is that each partner tries desperately to hang onto their issues instead of letting them go”.

As we do this, we sometimes end up watching that love that we were so excited about sail off into the sunset without us.

As we end one relationship and enter another, we encounter the same problems. This is because the solution lies in healing ourselves, not in changing someone else.

We can say the same about addressing “Lack Consciousness”. We draw in whatever we need to show us the limiting beliefs that we hold within, so we can make a change. It may be that we lose a job that we hate anyway and we would be able to find something we like better; a new direction, bigger income. Often we don’t understand this and our self doubt gets the better of us. We decide that every criticism we’ve heard is true after all; we really are bad people. Holding that belief inside us stops us from seeking more than we had before; we often look for less.

Sometimes We Need A Little Help

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