Well it’s been an interesting time for me of late.

On the day the regions in Western Australia closed down, I started to get the hiccups and indigestion. Over the next few days, it got worse. I went to a bigger town on the last day I was able to and tried to get in to see a chiropractor while I was there but couldn’t and that was their last trading day for the foreseeable future. I thought ok, it will pass.

It didn’t pass. OMG it got worse and worse and worse. It became intense hiccups, spasms, heartburn, reflux, burping, great difficulty sleeping, unable to eat hardly at all or even drink water without it all getting worse. My throat locked up at times and I was unable to inhale or exhale without making a huge effort. It was horrendous. Since the regions opened back up again yesterday, finally I am getting a little better. So far though it has been 50 days like this and I have been so exhausted and frustrated.

I wasn’t stressed about all this Corona situation so it was me picking up on planetary energies and mass consciousness. It was such heavy fear energy. Anyway, I’m so happy to now be able to think about doing something…or at least writing this blog post.

So a few things have happened of late and having been unable to do much, I’ve had time to observe myself.

One thought that has been quite prevalent during all this was the need for me to stand back and allow others to have their experiences and not “fix” anyone or anything. This is a big part of what I’ve been going through. Anytime I even thought about other people’s problems or helping them, I got worse.  

Many people may not understand this, however we all go through what we need to, and in getting through our own issues; we gain strength and belief in ourselves. Allowing people to find their own path through things is often a huge gift to them…whether they realise it or not.

Sometimes we think we are helping someone by easing their burden, however, our well meaning assistance can rob them of their intended growth and keep them stuck in their cycle longer. Sometimes what people really need is to fall apart, hit bottom and then climb out of the hole. After that, people usually go forward in a way that is new to them and better suited to their soul’s intention.

Often people will ask for or accept help, of course they will…generally we don’t want to take the uncomfortable road, we prefer the easier road. Understand, for yourself and for others…that the easier road is only easier right now, because we will hit that same spot again if we don’t deal with it this time – it will be back until we get through it.

This is not about judgement. No-one has to grow, no one has to learn to do better, we all have choice in how we live our lives. This is simply about us understanding that what we perceive as helping someone may actually hinder them. We do not have to convince anyone else of this, nor tell them they need to do better or do things differently. Everyone can choose their journey. This is simply about us realising that we may not be helping even though we probably think we are.

Maybe now is the time to step back and trust those around us enough to allow them to grow from resolving their own issues. It is truly a gift to them, and if they decide they really aren’t ready, someone else will help them.

I also recently started to have more understanding of those people with illnesses that aren’t visible; I’ve seen posts online about these diseases and how maybe friends or family don’t understand that people with these invisible diseases are sick, because they look ok.  I certainly understand how difficult it is or can be to have to deal with body stuff long term. How endlessly exhausting and frustrating it can be, how we can just want to give up.  How we can wish for things that so many people seemingly take for granted, ease of movement, a day without pain, a good long sleep and to wake up feeling rested.

In these situations, you will need to take more care of you than other people need and acknowledge yourself, give you what you need and don’t worry about how others see you or feel about you.

For those dealing with long term issues, I can only offer these suggestions;

  • You need this for some reason, to get through your emotions, to stop you from doing things, to stop you from doing things so that you can get through your emotions, to give you time to allow change within your body and energy, to learn to slow down.
  • Have you ever noticed how easy it is to bypass your feelings etc. when you are busy? Being still and quiet opens us up to a different way of being which we may otherwise never come to. 
  • Some change happens really slowly, growth can be very slow and sometimes we just have to allow whatever is happening – and it is entirely possible that not knowing what is happening may be a necessary or beneficial part of the process.
  • Trust. I don’t know about everyone else, but my life always screams that one word at me….TRUST!!!!

Spiritual growth is preceded by energy shifts and sometimes those shifts can go on for years and years. When the time is right, and if it appropriate/possible, your solutions may come – when you are finished experiencing whatever you needed to experience. In the meantime you can only try to relax and allow the energies to flow through you. Breathe and be present within yourself – listen to your body or whatever part of you is speaking to you through illness.

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