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Types of Readers and Readings

There are many different sorts of readers around, many different styles of readings and readers who work in several different ways. I thought I would talk about those different readers and reading styles because sometimes we can be disappointed with a reading if it is not what we expected. Sometimes we can be extremely happy as well but I just wanted to talk about this a little here. The terms used below are just what came to mind as I type this – not Google search terms.

Surface Readers

There are readers who work with the surface things, they let you know what to do about your current issues and help you reach new decisions. They predict the future and tell you how to proceed to get to what they see as a desirable outcome for you. Many of these sorts of readers are extremely accurate and can be quite mind-blowing. At times these readers can tell you exact conversations you may have in the future with someone or be so accurate about something it is scary. I have both given and received readings like this. For me it is incredible no matter which end of it I am on.

This sort of reading is wonderful, however, I will point out a couple of things:

  • Be sure that what you see as a good outcome and what the reader considers a good outcome are the same thing. I have come across some extraordinary readers from other countries, other cultures, truly gifted readers. These people can have extreme accuracy and for that reason you may feel it appropriate to follow their guidance in relation to your future. Please consider that their cultural beliefs may be vastly different to yours. For example – you may be seeking a relationship that, above all else, leaves you feeling loved and nurtured and valued. A supportive partnership of equals. Your advisor may come from a culture where a woman, for example, finds it difficult to survive financially without a male partner and so in their eyes, as long as you are partnered, you are ok. Actual survival being considered on one side – and nurturing on the other. This can also apply even when cultures are the same…we all see things differently. The best thing is to be told what the different paths are and make your own choice rather than to have someone else tell you…”this is the best way for you”. Your focus and theirs can be entirely different and it is an important thing to be aware of.
  • Be aware that in being advised what to do, your ability to know what is best for yourself can be stifled and your progress in this area may be slowed. You may continue to want and need someone to tell you exactly which direction to go in. This is ok when we are in times of trauma or when we truly can’t see a good way to go, however, if we are wanting to grow into a self sufficient person, this is not good to continue long term. Counselors refer to this sort of assistance as “holding your power for you“, when you are ready, they encourage you to take it back. This process can be long at times while we heal and develop our inner wisdom, however, I feel it should always be the end goal. Be wary of anyone who says that they will always tell you which way to go with things. It harbors your dependence on them which is detrimental for you long term.

Deeper Readers

These are readers that go below the surface of things as they know that what is happening on the surface is simply a manifestation of what is going on inside of you. Smaller things stem from the deeper issues within. Because our lives often have the same issues playing out on many different levels, these readings can be timeless guidance and applicable for many years. To me, this sort of reading is in line with personal growth and deeper understanding of self. For example – if you feel unloved, you will attract partners who reflect this so that you can see the issue and work on it. The trouble is we don’t always understand that this is what is happening. It is us making an attempt to heal ourselves that draws these experiences to us. Our relationships with others are the best scenarios for showing us our own patterning…if we are open to seeing the truth.

This is my style of reading. These readings can help you connect the dots in your life and enable you to truly move forward if you choose to. For some people this is a new way of looking at the events in their lives. My readings have always had a healing slant to them. There is nothing more healing than discovering the beauty and wonder of who you are. The truth is, all of life is healing or an attempt to heal some part of ourselves. If you are ready to start taking that journey in a more conscious way, with more awareness of what is happening for you, looking beyond the outward appearance of things, let me help you.

Some things to note about this sort of reading:

  • The reader sees or receives guidance about what is going on inside you. They may not even see the outward issue or circumstance. Generally these readers connect with feelings more than outward events. In the big picture, which is the focus of these readings, the outward events can be irrelevant. What is relevant is helping you to understand the part of you that is in need of healing. You can then begin to create or draw in the sort of experiences you want to have in your life, rather than the often hurtful experiences you draw in to help your healing purposes. If you don’t have this healthy foundation for things, it can be like trying to plant a tree in quicksand; it isn’t going to work and your energy will be wasted in trying. You need to rectify the foundation – in this example, the soil, before anything can grow.
  • You may feel these readings leave you with unanswered questions. If you were looking for surface guidance, you may need to ask these readers about those things. They can most likely pass on the guidance you seek however it may not be the subject of your reading. These readings are about helping you to see that a shift in focus from what is happening in your life, to why those things are happening can help you to truly make a change in your life.
  • These sorts of readings are really geared towards helping you bring positive change into your life. They will take you along a path of healing and understanding of self – which leads to self acceptance and self love. From there, great things can come into your life.


Mediums connect with your loved ones and pass on messages from them. Not all readers do this so if you are looking for this in particular, do not make the assumption that every reader will be able to do it for you. It can happen with someone who does not generally work as a medium, however you shouldn’t have that expectation.

  • It can be so very comforting to know our loved ones are ok and they are still around us. Receiving a message from someone we love and miss can be such a healing experience and there is nothing wrong with seeking it out at times.
  • We tend to trust guidance received from those we love. However, eventually we need to find our own way and adapt to our new circumstances.
  • We need to get on with living our lives. As we heal our grief, we can begin to understand that our loved one passed on for a reason, and we all need to move on. It may be as important for them as it is for you to get on with other things.

All of the Above.

Some readers, sometimes – and some all of the time, do all the above. I find that whatever the person needs is what comes through. This can be different to what they want, however I find it is always perfect. Even if occasionally it doesn’t seem that way at first, it is found to be perfect later. I am not saying any reader is better than another. We all have our strengths and everyone is different. I’m simply letting you know that there are different styles of readings from different readers. I think sometimes confusion can come from having unmet expectations due to misunderstandings.

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