Being Authentic, it is something that I think most of us strive for, like self love and inner peace. Being authentic is simply being who we really are, how we really are. Not putting on a brave face or any kind of false face.

As I look around the internet, I’ve become aware, again, of just how many sites and articles and reviews etc are out there, just existing to put advertising on, or to get a commission from somewhere or to get leads etc. I see this as I look at various things online. I used to be gobsmacked but sadly, it is so common now that I just accept it as the way things are thesedays. Internet junk I call it, it is like space junk. Wow, there is just so much meaningless and deliberately confusing or misleading stuff out there.

There is also some good stuff out there of course, and the paid advertising system does mean that people are able to put their services or products out there for others to read or use for free and that is good…their revenue comes from somewhere other than the user. Other sites can be so frustrating, appearing to be something they are not.

So….anyway…with all this in mind at the moment, I thought it could time to be clear about my intentions.

I want this to be a real site…it is a real site. This is a content based site, intended as a safe space for sharing. I have become an Amazon Affiliate and if you click on an Amazon link to a product on here, I may earn a small commission. If I find other great products I may add them to the site as well. I don’t put products on here just for commission; they have to be something relevant to the topic, something I like myself, and/or something I think will help or interest you.

I want people to feel safe here. To know that I am genuine and have a desire to share something of beauty and meaning, that I hope will help others. To achieve this, the site has to be real, I have to be real, the products and services offered have to be real and genuine….authentic.

I am also a big believer in choice and self acceptance, self love. We are all already perfect and beautiful; the only problem is that often we don’t see it.

My philosophy on life is….No-one has to change. No-one needs a reading. No-one must become a better person than they already are. If people want help with any of those things, I am here and they can book a reading or buy a product or service if they so desire. Once someone has received a reading, it is up to them what changes they implement in their life, or don’t. No-one should follow direction contrary to what they feel is true or right for themselves. There is a difference between receiving guidance to do what we already know is right for us but we have had trouble doing it, and following guidance that simply doesn’t feel right. Trusting yourself is important.

It is not for me to tell anyone how to be, growth is in making our own choices and decisions; each of us must decide whether we are happy with our selves or our lives as they are or if we seek change. Taking responsibility is the single most important step anyone can take. If we do not take responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our choices, then we do not acknowledge that we have the power to change things. Waiting for someone else to change our lives is only going to leave us endlessly disappointed as we watch this strategy fail time and time again. No-one can make changes for us.

This site is here for me to help others understand themselves, to express themselves, to accept and love themselves….as they are. It is a place for me to express myself genuinely, to share my heart and my experiences of getting through some things that others may also encounter. I hope it can help people see that no matter what crosses our paths, we can and do get through it; even if you lose all belief in that for a while.

I hope you can relate to what you find in these pages, and as a result you have more faith in yourself and your journey. My goal is to help you along your path, and bolster your belief that it is leading you somewhere better; even if the way is unlit for a very long time. When times are hard we can lose faith in life and in ourselves; this may be the hardest loss to bear.

Some of us are on very dark paths, having no clue where they are taking us and we seem to have no choice but to follow them; all other roads are closed. I want to encourage you to share openly and honestly about what is happening in your life and not take it inside as if you are the problem.

Dark paths take us forward too, but they require more trust because we can’t see where they lead.

Life on this planet is changing…and has changed so much, so fast. Never has there been such rapid change as what we are experiencing now. Look back just 100 years and you will see a vastly different existence to the way we live now. People from 100 years ago would not have any clue what any of this is today. 100 years before that, life was not vastly different like it is now, 100 years forward. Our lives can change so quickly now.

Many of us are starting to awaken, and with that comes a horrendous thing…awakening LOL. It is like being in a dream and being woken up with a bucket of ice-water in the face. Usually as we awaken, we do not like what we see. It is distasteful at times, disconcerting, disenchanting. It starts off a little gently, just some general apathy and loss of interest in life. Loss of direction, loss of passion for things and it heats up as the process gathers momentum.

Loss of passion has become a very real issue in today’s world. So many of us are facing this; we find that we just don’t care about the things we used to. Not only did we care about them before, we were passionate about them. When we lose that passion, we become a bit like zombies, walking around and kinda wondering why. Why are we bothering when we just don’t care anymore?

This is a stage in awakening and transforming into a new, more authentic version of ourselves. Unfortunately this part can go on for a long time…many years even. It can be very hard to get through. I want to encourage those of you who have hit this, to hang in there and know that passion will return, even though it is a slow process.

Trying to be positive when, in all honesty, we are feeling like life just sucks…can get in the way. When we are in this transformative energy…which feels like being hit by a bus at times…it is better to just be real…at least with ourselves. Don’t try and “positive it away”. It is what it is. Life is not always a quest to be positive, it is about being real.

I remember going through this and being down and low for so long. Nothing I used to do worked for me any more, I couldn’t change my life, I couldn’t fix it or put it back together, I couldn’t seem to change it into something new. I had one health issue after another, one money issue after another, one family and/or relationship issue after another…nothing was safe.

People would ring me for a catch up and ask how I was and I got so tired of saying I wasn’t good. I started to hide from people, and…as this had been my work in the past, I started to feel like a real fraud. Those things that had been cornerstones in my life for a long time, and had worked for me, and had worked for people I had worked with…none of it worked for me any more. Every time I heard myself say to someone who had asked how I was…this is happening, and that is happening…my heart sank. I’ve always been honest about how I am, if someone asks me I tell them. I felt I just couldn’t say those words to one more person, so I avoided contact.

At that time, I was starting to feel like I must be a bad person, like all of this was my karma and I was only fooling myself that I was a good person…all this couldn’t happen to a good person…right? I must be a fraud and a horrible person to boot. At this point, other people, I’m sure, shared this view and they left my life.

Why does this happen?

If we don’t delve any deeper into things, it can look and feel like punishment, karma. Taking a deeper look brings greater illumination.

Awakening requires us to be inwardly focused, and that is best achieved if most of the distractions leave our lives. We then find it hard to distract ourselves or to turn outwards for help. We finally realise that we have to focus on us and help ourselves. That is what it is all about. From there, everything begins to take shape.

The awakening process strips us of so much, it includes our beliefs, a lot of our relationships, possessions, work, career, family, health.

It is like we and our lives are made of Lego and every piece is taken apart and then left in pieces for a while before beginning to rebuild it all into something new…v e r y s l o w l y.

This is a slow process because the new life has to be created and the process also relies on new trust and faith being cultivated within us.

Whilst this rebuilding is happening there are energy shifts and changes, physical changes, health issues, aches and pains, you may not be able to sleep…its a big process.

The rebuilt life is far greater than the life we leave behind but make no mistake, it can be a brutal process. If you are in this process or think you may be, you are probably finding that your medical issues can’t be diagnosed, your life is broken and you can’t put it back together, you can’t make a new life because your skills don’t work, you have very little money, you are feeling very sad and lonely but can’t be around other people…think Lego in pieces. Everything you need is there, you just can’t seem to put it together.

If you can relate to all this, you will most likely find no-one understands what is happening and that makes it a very lonely time. I want you to know…I’ve been through this and have come out the other end. There is light at the end of the tunnel…but the tunnel can be long.

Support from someone who understands the awakening process was something I found to be absolutely invaluable.

I’ve come through all of this…what you see here is the new, more authentic, me…the me who knows…more than ever before…that I must live now from my heart, and that includes how I work or put my creative energy to use.

All of us will go through this at some point, in this life or another life…gradually, we can’t all go through it at once. There has to be balance.

If your life has stopped making sense to you…if you just don’t understand what is happening…if you feel like you have swapped an old Flintstones car for a spaceship and you just cant work out how to drive it…..if you want some help, let me shine a light for you with an Awakening Soul Recorded Reading. If you don’t want help and prefer to get through this on your own, I understand that too.

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