Being quiet, being still, doing nothing, how hard is all that???

They are things most of us struggle with. Monks spend years learning these abilities, they are what people climb mountains for, what we learn in ashrams and monasteries etc. For most of us, we have to learn these things because they are hard for us. Our minds want us to be active or talking. It is quite difficult to just be silent because it makes most of us uncomfortable.

Why? Because in the silence we are alone with ourselves and our feelings. If we are not fully comfortable with ourselves, we find silence and feeling us, difficult.

From the silence though, if we are able to allow it, we can access our potentials. In the silence dwells the opportunity to get to know ourselves, to accept who we are and if we truly are quiet and still, it frequently allows new energies to come into our fields, often bringing with them changes in direction.

We can find so many solutions in the silence. So many answers, even the right questions.

The basic truths have always been the same and often only the serious seekers appreciate them.

Silence is greatly undervalued….most of the simple things in life are overlooked. We want something more exciting or dramatic and frequently spend years and a lot of money searching for them….only to find the answers were right here all the time.

If you are feeling lost, confused, agitated or distressed in some way, silence and stillness probably hold the key to what you are seeking.

Try it, just for a while. Resist the temptation to have a chat, have company over, go see a friend, go out to a busy place, just do a bit of work, to make a phone call, to watch a movie, to do anything…just for a while.

Relax and reconnect with yourself

Just be with yourself, in the silence. Let everything go and just be with you. You may be surprised to find that it doesn’t take long for you to start feeling …wow…how nice is this? We avoid this time with ourselves but it can be so nice and so enjoyable. I find it leads to new understandings. In fact, some ‘me’ time lead to this site being created and me returning to this work.

Think of spending time with your best friend or partner, someone you really enjoy spending time with, that is how spending time with ourselves will feel when we have embraced our true and full selves.

If you find silence and being with yourself is not nice, then you are feeling the effects of not accepting or loving yourself. Don’t worry, this requires some focus and looking at yourself and your aspects differently but most of us start here.

A psychic reading can help get you started on a beautiful path to self acceptance.

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