The Doorway To The Real You

This site is a safe space for people who need some time out in a positive and genuine environment. It is a place of trust where you can find further understanding, help or tools to move forward in your life, or just spend some time reading and relaxing.

I also have a linked sister site, so don’t be concerned if you land on that site.

I encourage taking responsibility for yourself. This does not mean you have to get through everything alone, just that you understand it is all your choice. The great thing about taking responsibility for your choices is…the joy of bringing change into your life, is all yours.

My goal is to help you encounter the empty spaces within you, and to help fill them with light. To introduce you to yourself, to help you uncover the real you and fall in love with who you find.

I see that so much of our discontent is about lack of self love, which comes from lack of self awareness. Remember the old phrase about not hiding your light under a bushel. The real you is there, hidden and needing to be uncovered, dis-covered.

Deep down, so many of us believe we are unworthy of love. We are scared to look deep within at who we are, because we are afraid we may not like what we dis-cover.

When we step over that fear and take the path of self dis-covery, what we find is that we are beautiful, light filled beings, worthy of all the love in the world. I would love to support you on that journey.

You have arrived now at the doorway of self dis-covery. Will you overcome your fear and walk through it?

Shining A Light

I started doing readings more than 30 years ago – through many different mediums. I’ve facilitated meditation and personal growth groups, I am a Usui Reiki Master and have given many hands on and distant Reiki sessions, as well as guiding people through past life regressions. I’ve taught people to read tarot cards, travelled with a Psychic Expo, attended many workshops myself and gone through my own issues. I have even walked on hot coals…twice.

At this point in life, I have observed that the road to personal growth can mean that many people go on searches for issues within them, seeking out unhealed wounds etc. I believe that if things are not creating problems in your life, there is no need to go looking for them. If at some point they do become problematic, then you can begin the process of allowing yourself to release them. What is ready to be released will make itself known to you, in the right order. Sometimes you need to let go of one thing before you are able to let go of the next, because they are connected. Trust yourself, trust your soul to guide you.

So many things can come from one core issue. Low self esteem, lack of self acceptance can make it impossible to love ourselves. From this comes so many smaller issues, however they all connect to that main core issue.

Enormous change can come from embracing who we truly are and that is where my focus is. Seeing, accepting, embracing, and finally, loving who we are is a long but beautiful road.

Letting go of self doubt, feeling the fear and moving forward anyway helps bring us success and a new self image. Allow me to support you in this hugely positive growth.

We are all different and how we live our lives is simply personal choice. If you are already content, please continue to enjoy your life; there is no need to search for things to change. If you are aware of discomfort or discontent within, you may find some help here on these pages.

You will find me understanding, non-judgemental and someone who puts people at ease. It is difficult to see things in the dark. I am here, shining a light, so you can see whatever it is appropriate for you to see at any given time.

Falling In Love With You
We start out seeking knowledge but eventually we realise that what we crave is self-acceptance. Deep within us, buried under conditioning, labels, criticism, self doubt etc lies our true, beautiful self. DIS-covering ourselves leads us to the most beautiful love affair, the self in love with the self.
Take The First Step

Moving Forward

“As long as you need a hand to hold, one will be there for you”.

I heard that, clear as a bell, many years ago. It has been very true in my life. While I needed it, someone has been there for me. Different people, at different times. Partners, friends, family members, professionals and of course spirit. The perfect support at the time has always been there, in person or energetically.

At times, people we don’t know are the best type of support. Sometimes we can feel like we are locked into a certain pattern of behaviour with people we know, and it can be hard to make a change when feel stuck in that way.

We are all on our own path and you may be in a family or circle of people who are content with what they have and who feel no desire to seek deeper meaning. Their life course is right for them, we are not all here to awaken at once as it would throw off the planetary balance. What brings them contentment can be unsatisfying for you; you just need to understand that your paths are different.

These people love us, but they have can certain ideas and expectations of who we are, and they don’t always realise that we have changed, or understand why we would feel a need for change. There is no judgement of wrong or right, you are right for your life, and they are right for theirs.

The path of self-discovery can provide the most wondrous experiences, however, it can be very difficult at times. Sometimes it takes real courage to face ourselves as we encounter our own depths. Some days those encounters are so joyful they move us to heartfelt tears of gratitude and love. Other days we can encounter extreme darkness and despair. Support when needed, especially from someone who has walked this path can be a great comfort.

Most of life is simply a question of perception. To make a change in life, we need to change our perception, most often our self-perception. Understanding our self perception requires self-awareness. Self-awareness leads to self-acceptance and self-acceptance leads to self-love. When we love and accept ourselves, we can truly love and accept others. This is the simple truth of life and there is no need to complicate it.

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Have You Lost All
Your Passion For Life?

So many people are currently facing loss of passion. Often it is preceded by a difficult loss, of a loved one or something really important in our lives. Those big losses can cause the entire fabric of our lives to come apart, bringing us right to our vulnerable and tender core. It can leave us wondering if we will ever get past this point.

You may withdraw and feel that nothing matters, you don’t care about anything and you can struggle to find a reason to live. You may become passionless, probably not suicidal, but just not caring about being alive. Like the walking dead, just going through the motions.

It can seem as if we are viewing life through shattered glass and can’t quite see through the shards to get a clear picture. Life makes no sense.

Feeling lost in this way can point to larger things going on in your life. That lost feeling, wondering why you are here, why you are bothering at all can be a symptom of awakening. When awakening calls us, we can lose the things that matter to us, and that sense of being passionate about life.

Awakening can involve a big jolt that makes us disillusioned with this life. It is a harsh but effective way of having us disconnect from the dream that we thought was reality. It is like someone waking you in the morning by throwing a bucket of cold water in your face.

If you’ve been feeling lost, alone, disillusioned, and passionless, know you are far from alone. Also know, this state is temporary, even though it can be long. Let me support you on this difficult and confusing road.

Support In Difficult Times.

The world is changing, in surprising ways. Enforced isolation is making many people realise that they are discontent.This is evident in the unrest that is visible around the world. Even though things appear bleak for many right now, this is an opportunity for you to seek change in your life. It is time now, more than ever…that we bring our focus to ourselves and become the person we would like to see in the mirror.

I offer recorded psychic guidance as well as live support sessions to help you get through whatever you are facing, particularly in the areas of:

  • Self Love
  • Twin Flame Connections
  • Abundance
  • Loss of Passion for Life
  • Awakening
  • Finding Meaning in Life

The Recorded Psychic Readings Via Email are readings I do alone, record and send to you via email. I also offer one-off or ongoing, face to face psychic counselling/guidance sessions via video call for those seeking clarity, ongoing support, or change in their lives. If you are serious about moving forward, I recommend the ongoing sessions. It can make a big difference to see the face of the person you are talking to, and to have that ongoing support. Regular sessions help take you beyond that initial desire for change into actually creating the growth you want. It can help stop you from giving up and going back to where you were. Taking this step, investing in you, can really help you move forward in life.

Wanting or needing a bit of support at times is normal, and in times like 2020, it can be so very important. Right in front of us all now is the opportunity to identify those things in our life we want to change, and to get started.

We are all fully capable beings and my goal is to help you see yourself in that way. To support you in moving forward, to assist you in seeing your own beauty, wisdom and capability. Supporting you in the discovery of your own potentials in life. Your Self-Empowerment will come as you connect with you

You are welcome to just spend time here reading, or the Chill Out page may help you relax.

There are blog pages on several different subjects, as well as a free love partner tarot reading, and free numerology calculators.

If you have any questions, please email me through the contact form below.

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